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Hackathon (hack (hacker) + marathon) is a developer forum, during which, the specialists from different areas of software development (programmers, designers, managers) work together to solve a particular case.
Together with eLearning Studio, e-Learning Lab, Civil Society Development Association “CSDA” and CDA “CSR CENTRAL ASIA” on January 26-27, second eLearning-hackathon was held, which resulted in electronic courses on socially relevant topics.
e-Learning studio
It is an expert #1 in the field of corporate e-Learning in Kazakhstan. It is a co-organizer of ELForum conferences in 2017, 2018. It develops modern technologies in adult education: development of electronic courses, educational video shooting, developer training, e-Learning implementation consulting.
e-Learning lab
Project of Narxoz University.
Laboratory of beneficial solutions in online learning.
It creates online courses, introduces e-Learning in companies, and helps to reduce the training costs.
Civil Society Development Association “CSDA”
It is a national association of civil society organizations (resource centers) that provides services to community organizations and associations. It is professionally engaged in planning and administration of national, regional and international programs of social economic development.
Corporate Development Agency “CSR CENTRAL ASIA”
It is an expert organization in the field of corporate sustainability and responsibility in Central Asia. It helps the organizations to build responsible policies and activities, so that they can ensure the economic growth of their business, while maintaining environmental stability and social development.
Университет Нархоз даёт возможность подать документы онлайн в 2020 году.

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Management's words
We are currently engaged in an ambitious transformation to become a largely English-medium institution with an inward orientation toward positive social transformation while serving as a cultural, educational and intellectual bridge to the global world. Narxoz is accredited and affiliated with several prestigious institutions and this will help us reinforce this role, and further help us become and remain the standout undergraduate and graduate social and business programs in Central Asia. I ask you to join us in embarking on this unique journey together!
Dr. Stanislav Buyanskiy
Rector of Narxoz University
There are four strategic areas we are striving to achieve by 2025:

  • to create a global consortium between present and future global partners of Narxoz University;
  • to globalize the Narxoz community;
  • to provide world class service to international students, scholars and employees;
  • to increase country and program exposure for academic mobility opportunities.
We are creating a corp of funds through grants and donations to provide financial aid for international education experiences to deserving students. Through commitment and trust, Narxoz University is a leader in building relationships and creating a global community in Central Asia.
Dr. Zhailagul Sagyndykova
Head of International Development and Partnership Office
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