Technology and Innovation Management
Нархоз Бизнес Школа
Undergraduate "Technology and Innovation Management"

Graduates of the double degree program Technology and Innovation Management are prepared to work in an environment in which constant technological and social changes are taking place, while maintaining a leading position for their companies at the global level. The Technology and Innovation Management program is aimed at developing students' practical skills in managing enterprises and developing start-ups.

1 год – 2,2 млн тг.
2 год – 3,5 млн тг.
3 год – 3,5 млн тг.
4 год – оплата в ВУЗе-партнёре

Связка предметов: Математика + география

Срок обучения: 4 года

Форма обучения: Очная

Локация: Казахстан

Язык обучения: Английский

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