Нархоз Бизнес Школа

Graduates of the Double Entrepreneurship program Social Entrepreneurship are ready to act as entrepreneurs focused on the creation and management of organizations that effectively deliver products and services with sustainable social impact as social entrepreneurs, corporate social responsibility managers, consultants and business managers. Thanks to practical training, graduates are ready to develop approaches that provide a sustainable social impact. Students gain a broad understanding of the emerging dynamics of sustainable development and the importance of entrepreneurial thinking to positively impact the government, business, and the nonprofit sector.

1 год – 2 200 000 тг.
2 год – 3 500 000 тг.
3 год – 3 500 000 тг.
4 год – оплата в ВУЗе-партнёре

Связка предметов: Математика + география

Срок обучения: 4 года

Форма обучения: Очная

Два диплома: Программы двойного диплома

Язык обучения: Английский

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