International and Comparative Politics
Школа общества, технологий и экологии
Undergraduate "International and Comparative Politics"

International and Comparative Political Science is a unique program at Narkhoz aimed at creating a new generation of specialists in the Eurasian space. In addition to acquiring basic theoretical competencies in the main branches of political science (theory / philosophy, Moscow region, comparative political science), each student will study an additional language relevant to the Eurasian region (Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Turkish) along with English, Russian and Kazakh. It is expected that all students will study abroad in the second semester of the 3rd course in order to acquire special knowledge in their chosen country.

Связка предметов: Английский язык + Всемирная история

Срок обучения: 4 года

Форма обучения: Очная

Локация: Казахстан

Язык обучения: Английский

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