Big Data
Школа общества, технологий и экологии
Undergraduate "Big Data"

Recently, a large number of devices and technologies have appeared that collect information - because of this, the total number of stored data in the world has sharply increased. And there was a need for specialists who could turn these large repositories into "information assets" of enterprises - that is, what can be used to make a profit, which will allow businesses to respond more quickly to any changes. This is what the concept of "big data" is based on. The educational program provides training in the field of modern methods of extracting knowledge from data, mathematical methods of modeling and forecasting, modern software systems and programming methods for data analysis.

Связка предметов: Математика + физика

Срок обучения: 4 года

Форма обучения: Очная

Локация: Казахстан

Язык обучения: Английский

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