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Dr Andrew Wachtel

Dr Andrew Wachtel was appointed Rector of Narxoz University in 2018.
Dr Wachtel is the author of more than a hundred academic publications and a dozen books, and is a published translator. He is a reviewer for Stanford, Cornell, Duke, Princeton, and Northwestern universities, and for Yale University Press, Routledge Publishing, The Slavic Review, SEEJ and The Russian Review. He is is a full member of the US Academy of Sciences, and speaks Russian, Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian, Slovenian, French, and Polish fluently.
Prior to joining Narxoz University, Dr Wachtel served as president of AUCA (American University of Central Asia), and continues work as the head of the Association of American International Colleges and Universities.

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Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and International Affairs

Viktoriya Tsay

Viktoriya Tsay - a graduate of Harvard University, holds a Masters degree in Public Administration and a Masters degree in Business Administration from Maastricht School of Management. She has extensive leadership experience in international, national and private companies.

Vice-Rector for Administrative Work

Kamilya Amenova, PhD

Kamilya Amenova - Master of Business Administration of MSU. She holds a PhD from Narxoz University. Member of the Chamber of Professional Accountants. As part of the top management, she is involved in the solutions of financial issues of Narxoz University.

Dean of the School of Law and Social Sciences

Ewan Simpson, PhD

Ewan Simpson, PhD, a native of Scotland, became the Dean of the School of Law and Social Sciences at Narxoz University in Almaty, Kazakhstan in August 2018. Prior to this, he held various faculty and senior executive positions at KIMEP University (2004-2014) and was the Dean of Business at the Kazakh-British Technical University (2014-2018). In his fourteen years in higher education in Kazakhstan he has developed a deep understanding of the functioning of the economy and society. In relation to British Council partnerships, he played a lead role in securing funding via the Newton-Al Farabi Institutional Links program in partnership with the Henley Business School, researching the oil and gas value chain of Kazakhstan. In addition, he won British Council support for the KBTU Professional Development and Engagement (PDE) Centre, supported under the PDE program. Ewan was also a driving force in the participation of his former employer (KBTU) in the WeAlmaty partnership, an EU funded program led by the British Council the Almaty city leadership and its development arm the Almaty Development Centre focused on development community engagement with the development of a smart, creative city which meets the needs of its residents.

In terms of recent experience with the creative industries he is a member of the Creative Central Asia Forum and recently completed a consulting report for the British Council (with Andy Pratt and Dana Shayakhmetova), mapping Kazakhstan’s creative industries for the first time.

All of this builds on his formative experiences at the University of Glasgow 1993-2004 as a researcher into economic and urban development and regeneration. Ewan completed his PhD in 1999 on the management of public-private partnerships for urban regeneration. In addition, his research and consulting focus was on entrepreneurship, the knowledge-based economy and the creative economy, in addition to various cluster mapping activities focused on aerospace, metallurgy, IT, the computer games industry and tourism.

Ewan is also an experienced teacher and trainer and is well versed in tailoring programs for various audiences. He continues to teach from undergraduate level to senior executive level and has delivered executive training in Central Asia, Africa, Asia and the UK.

Dean of Student Affairs

Dana Shayakhmet

Dana Shayakhmet is a mid-career professional in the sphere of youth, culture and urban development. She is a certified trainer and facilitator fluent in Russian and English languages. Dana has graduated from Anglo-American University in Prague (Czech Republic) in 2008 majoring in Politics and Society. For two year she has worked as the head of National Youth Congress branch in Almaty. In 2010 became the Dean of Student Affairs at International Academy of Business and in 2011 became the Deputy Head of Astana Branch. In 2012 have founded a youth-lead NGO aimed at promoting meaningful participation of young people. TOBE foundation is being funded by governmental and international organizations to hold independent researches, trainings and long-term projects around Kazakhstan. In 2013 Dana has obtained a Master’s degree in Design in local architecture academy with her dissertation dedicated to the topic of youth centers in Almaty. Some of her ideas and recommendations were taken into action within the Almaty Youth Development Road Map 2016-2020, as well as by private and public coworking centers around Kazakhstan. Since February 2016 works at Narxoz University as the Dean of Student Affairs as well as Co-founder of urban movement aimed at teaching and promoting urban development. Dana is a Public Policy PhD candidate with her research interest in Creative Cities of Central Asia as well a program coordinator of WeArt Creative Hub.