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Exams and Appeal

Examinations held in the form of computer testing, a written exam to a question, the presentation of a project or writing essays at the University of Narxoz.

Exam form is determined individually for each subject. Two weeks before the exam, students receive an electronic access to the list of exam questions in order to prepare.

In case of technical failure during examinations, the presence of errors in the test tasks or disagreement with the actions of observers on duty, the student has the right to appeal and uphold his position within a specified time limit.

University Narxoz fully promotes transparency and integrity of the examinations. We struggle against corruption and strictly prevent all possible cases of bribery during examinations.

In order to ensure academic integrity among students, in the examination room of the Examination Centre installed 62 CCTV cameras that allow you to record all cases of unfair conduct on the exams.


Terms of appeal on the results of examinations

Educational process