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Master Degree


Master's degree - is the next higher education level after the bachelor's degree. Master's programs are designed for young professionals with any profile of education and work experience, wishing to acquire new knowledge, and skills for growth along the career ladder. The Master's degree will enhance your professional qualifications and will open up great career prospects for you. Choose the appropriate direction of the master’s program and take a step towards future success!

Specialized master’s program is designed to train managerial personnel in the economic, business and legal sectors with in-depth professional knowledge.   The scientific and pedagogical master’s program is designed to train the scientific and pedagogical staff of the system of higher, postgraduate education and the scientific sphere, which have in-depth scientific and pedagogical knowledge.
1-1,5 years Period of study 2 years
Kazakh, Russian, English Language of study Kazakh, Russian, English
Not provided State Educational Grants provided
- Increased professional training
- Skills of analytics and management
- Applied professional skills
- Preparation for the management of specialized projects
- Ability to learn without interruption from work
- Advantage in moving up the career ladder
- Possibility of foreign internships
Features of study - The right to teach in universities
- Teaching practice
- Scientific basis and methodology of scientific work
- The right to further study in PhD programs
- Possibility to build a scientific career
- Language skills (master's degree in English)