New Campus
Faculty of Basic Training

Faculty of basic training (FBT) was established in April 1, 2014. The operation of the basic training faculty associated with the implementation of Strategy of University Narxoz and necessity of the educational process, which is based on the principles of student-oriented learning.

This means that the student is responsible for his or her own learning and its result. We offer each student to pass theGRIT test and work as a team with a mentor. This allows you to determine the path of learning, the student reveal the potential for successful implementation in a future career.

In basic training faculty students enroll to 1st year based on secondary education, full-time and evening classes. Training is carried out in the Kazakh and Russian languages. The main contingent of students are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as foreign students from CIS and foreign countries: Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Afghanistan.

Within 1 and 2 of the semester, students study general subjects, on completion of the first year, they will continue their studies in the University School, according to the 20 selected specialties. Since September 2016 operates a unique innovative program Foundation.