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The development strategy of JSC "Narxoz University" is built taking into account the rapidly evolving challenges of the educational environment. The implementation of the strategy is designed for three years, which is associated with significant changes and new trends emerging in the field of education and the provision of services.

The top management and staff of Narxoz University have identified the higher education system in the world and in Kazakhstan as a rapidly changing environment with a high degree of uncertainty, which is now less predictable than in the past. Consequently, the University provides strategic planning, taking into account uncertainties. Narxoz University’s strategy in these transition conditions has a short planning horizon. The strategy is focused on the creation of an adequate organizational structure that is capable of quickly and correctly respond to expected and unexpected challenges.

The development strategy of the research activities of Narxoz is aimed at positioning the university as a center of science; strengthen the scientific potential of the university, taking a worthy place in the world rankings, and obtaining international accreditations. The strategy also targets to enhance research competence of faculty and students, to have an impact on the decision of social and economic problems in our country and the countries of Central Asia through research and development.

The development strategy of JSC "Narxoz University" 
The development strategy of the research activities of Narxoz