New Campus
History of the University

Narxoz University was founded in 1963, in a period of ambitious targets, large-scale reforms and great achievements. Match for the time, a progress of the University has been rapid – from the foundation till the All-Union recognition has passed only a few years.

The whole process of the birth and development of higher economic education system of Kazakhstan is monitored in the history of the formation of Narxoz. University became the alma mater for several generations of successful economists, financiers, managers and businessmen. Having won the respect and recognition at an early stage of its existence, the University in the period of half a century is committed to high standards of work and strives for new outstanding achievements.

Milestones of Narxoz University

1963 - 1990

Thee foundation period and the first development of the university, National Economy Institute of Alma-Ata (NEIA).

In the beginning, the current largest university of the country had a small material resources: a two-story academic building and a small student dormitory. The number of people wishing to study in the institute exceeded the number of places. But, thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of the staff of the Institute, in 1967 the Institute has become the winner of the All-Union competition for the best organization of work, life and leisure for students. Within the few years for the university use were build two large educational buildings and two students dormitories.

Ceremonial meeting during the laying of the foundation stone of the new campus of NEIA in 1965

For decades, the Institute improved the process of learning, expanded the infrastructure. A number of students has grown and teachers, new departments were opened.

In the 1988-1989 academic year, the institute began to computerize learning, computer equipment was introduced to the educational process. During these years, it was the start of research work to solve problems of ASU Institute.

1990 - 2015

Year - the period of reforms in the university, which was renamed to Kazakh Economic University (KazEU).

Economic and political reforms in the country, as well as the modernization of the training system of staff for sovereign Kazakhstan affected the work of the university. During these years, the university went to the new ways of arranging the study and research works, intensively developed the international academic and scientific cooperation, built its material and technical resources.

2008 - International Business School (IBS) was founded on the basis of The University, which is engaged with the innovative business - projects, business research and MBA programs. In the same year electronic distance learning launched at the University.

2010 - September 17, KazEU after named T.Ryskulov signed the Charta of universities, which gave the implementation of the academic mobility programs.


The beginning of a new development of Narxoz University, a time of unprecedented change and ambitious plans.

The University has implemented a new development strategy, according to which in the coming years Narxoz would be the best and most innovative economic university in Central Asia. The most advanced innovative techniques and international quality standards were introduced to the process of staff training.

By conserving the history and tradition carefully, the university aims for future achievements and continues to complete its noble mission - to train the leaders of the communities, the nation and the world through high-quality education and research.