New Campus
Why Narxoz?


To educate future leaders through high-quality teaching and research to serve the community, the nation, and the world.


Narxoz University aims to become the best and most innovative economic university in Central Asia by 2020.


I am a leader, We are a team, All for the student.



  • Narxoz offers a quality education in economics and business at a reasonable price.

  • Narxoz serves all of the nation by offering economic and business courses and degrees in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

  • Narxoz is offering 105 full private scholarships in the coming academic year for entering students.

  • Narxoz has reformed its entire academic curriculum to teach practical skills that employers seek in job applicants. There is no place for Soviet style education at Narxoz.

  • There is zero tolerance for cheating and plagiarism at Narxoz.

  • Narxoz’s job placement office is increasingly effective in ensuring that students get good jobs when they graduate.

  • Narxoz has integrated Internet learning into its curriculum and into its teaching methods. Narxoz is wired.

  • Narxoz encourages its students to study in foreign universities with which it has many ongoing connections.

  • Narxoz student life is dynamic, fun and safe. Students come first at Narxoz.

  • Narxoz has close relationships with Kazakhstan’s businesses, which provide internships and jobs for students.


Foundation programs:

  • Faculty of Basic training

  • Economics and Management School

  • School of Law and Public Administration

  • Department of International Educational Programs

  • Finance and Technology School