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Grants and paid training

Narxoz University provides discounts for teaching various groups of students in order to make accessible quality education. 

Privileges for studying are provided in the form of:

  1. Social discounts (including orphans and disabled children)
  2. Loyalty programs for employees, partners and graduates of the Narxoz University / affiliated organizations
  3. The grant programs and discounts for an enrolee who has high academic achievement
  4. Grants / discounts for high academic achievement, active social life and notable contribution to student life

The conditions and procedure for providing discounts and grants are defined by the Regulation on the provision of educational grants at the JSC "University Narxoz" and affiliated  educational organizations. The Regulation are approved annually by the Board of the University.

Decisions on the provision of educational grants are made by specially created commissions of each School / Faculty on the provision of grants / discounts and are formalized by a protocol that is submitted for consideration to the Board.

The meeting of the commission is held within one month from the last date of receipt of documents. Documents are accepted between the 1st  of  August and 30th of September each academic year.

A second meeting of the commission is held within a month after the completion of the academic period (semester).

The full text of the document is available here.