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Applied Research Institute

Applied Research Institute

Applied Research Institute was created to support the research activities of the university. We provide a range of services aimed at facilitating the administrative and scientific issues related to the research. We are focused on raising funds for the implementation of your research projects and to increase the number of high-quality scientific publications. In general, our mission is to support the strategy of the University of Science and Innovation.


  • data management research and development of quality research projects, including good practice examples;
  • organization of workshops on writing grant applications, preparing research reports, publications in scientific journals, searching literature and other topics;
  • search for funding for research projects;
  • reviewing texts;
  • registration of copyright and licenses;
  • analysis of the citation and bibliography;
  • improving the quality of the scientific journal of the University;
  • improvement of library services according to the needs of our university research team.


We are small, but enthusiastic team, led by Dr. Morena Skalamera, a researcher at Harvard University.

We are pleased to provide new opportunities and innovate in the process of conducting effective research. If you are a researcher or student of Narxoz, we are always ready to help you! Email address of the Institute of Applied Research:


Morena Skalamera, Dr. PhD, Harvard University researcher

Телефон: 8 727 377 12 71



Aliya Chuyeva

Phone number: 8 727 377 12 57


Natalya Radko

Phone number: 8 727 377 12 78


Baurzhan Syzdykov