Narxoz University Data Science program. General description of Data science

Data Science program

General description of Data science / Big data

From September 2017 we will launch new specialization Data science/Big data, as a full year module

“I keep saying the sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians”

 Hal Varian, Chief economist, Google, 2009

There are tens of thousands of unfilled vacancies for the position of Data scientist in many countries. Average monthly salary of Data scientist in United States in 8,000 dollars, and in Kazakhstan 200,000 – 400,000 tenge.  Narxoz University in 2016 created a special Data science group that took courses in Data science at MIT, Stanford, DataCamp. We also invited world class specialists to Narxoz to conduct intensive practical courses on Data science/Big data. We also conducted a number of Data science research projects. Armed with this competences and experience we are ready to offer Data science/Big data courses to students in Kazakhstan at Bachelor and Master level.

From September 2017 we will launch new specialization Data science/Big data, as a full year module. This module will be offered to bachelor students joining Narxoz for statistics and IT (WTPO) specializations. Students of other specializations will be able to take Data science/Big data courses as electives.

Students from other universities can transfer to Narxoz for Data science/Big data module from IT and statistics specializations, Students of other specializations will have to participate in a special summer program at Narxoz to make sure they have adequate prerequisite knowledge.

  • Data science/Big data students, upon successful completion of the program will be able to:
  • Program in R and Python, two most popular in the world languages for Data science/Big data
  • Acquire data from various sources, such as websites and social networks, and combine this with data collected by firms
  • Clean and verify large data sets to prepare it for further analysis
  • Use state-of-the-art data science models for analysis and prediction in real business cases
  • Prepare reports for management of companies in various sectors using advanced statistical and data graphics techniques
  • Help management take informed decisions supported by advanced data analysis
  • Use most popular cloud-based services for processing large data sets
  • Use data science models to solve wide range of problems in such areas as: human resource management, client acquiring and retention, improving profitability of products and services, marketing, risk analysis,

Graduates of the data science specialization will easily find jobs in many countries in the following types of companies:

  1. Big four
  2. Analytics, marketing or risk analysis departments is large corporations and government agencies
  3. Companies having large number of retail clients, such as banks, insurance companies, telecom operators, department stores etc. 
  4. Internet companies
  5. Logistic companies
  6. IT companies
  7. All types of companies that have research, marketing and sales functions
  8. Universities and research institutes

Data science graduates that will have a good command of English will have no problem finding jobs in other countries, including Western Europe, United States and developed countries in Asia, as there are many unfilled vacancies for Data scientist position.

Data science/Big data  module will last full year and will cover all important topics, including: searching the deep web using crawlers, retrieving data, cleaning and refining large data sets (f.ex. using OpenRefine), combining structured and unstructured data, dealing with missing data, retrieving and analyzing data in social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter), using most popular cloud services for Big data management and analysis (e.g. Hadoop, Spark) , using statistical and data science models for machine learning (such as picture recognition, automated text analysis, company data analysis) and for predictive analytics, including econometric models (linear, logit, time series), trees (CART, Bagging, Random Forest, Boosting) , unsupervised learning (f.ex. clustering), neural networks and deep learning. Students will also learn to present large data in graphical way, easy to understand for senior management, using powerful graphic tools in R and Python.

Data science/Big data module will be taught using real business cases and students will participate in international Big data competitions. Data science/Big data students during their fourth year will form teams and write diploma projects using real data of our business partners, generating real business value that should lead to their subsequent employment.  Best students will be invited to participate in research and consulting projects that Narxoz will be conducting for its business partners.

Recruitment for Narxoz Data Science/Big data specialization will begin in June 2017. Number of offered places will be limited and scholarships will be available.

For more information please contact Data Science Project Coordinator

Asylzhan Akynova

Narxoz University, 050035 Almaty, Zhandosov str., 55
М.: +7 747 388 32 41